Black and White Psychology
(part one)

Feeling as though I have been struck by lightning,
Black and white colors change me and blend me into the shades of a gray world.
Little does anyone know that people have purposely covered my bright eyes with steel
   and my peach skin with gray.
My once rosy cheeks and freckled face are white and light gray.
   My brown hair is black and my hands are pale.
My personality is simply diced.
Things normal are kept; and gifts are cut off and suffocated, ignored and put down.
To them, I am no more than another with overrated dreams and crazy thoughts.
I am just another, not a somebody, yet a nobody, hanging on the frail thread of acceptance.
These are symptoms of what one feels when they are put down, shut up, turned away, and ignored.
These are the common feelings of loneliness.

The Cure
(part two)
Thankfully I have found a cure, a potion to fix these symptoms.
The potion is simple, for those desperate for a way out.
For others, it is sour and hard to swallow.
Still others would scoff and claim to enjoy their loneliness.
This potion  takes dedication, a promise to swallow a cupful everyday, unaltered and in the same way.
So now I present the mix.
The ingredients aren't hard to find.
They are in everyday things, like the smile from a stranger walking by, or the kiss of a loved one.
The ingredients are
Love, Hope, Trust, and Honesty,
Kindness, Cherishment, Faithfulness, and Purity.
Take time to notice these things and reflect on them each day.
Little by little symptoms of loneliness fade away.