Hypocrite Firewatchers


  This is an metaphor skit adaptation about the world's view of Christian hypocrisy. A dialogue.


[ Lights & Sound up.

SAM: Got any plans for later?

JOE: No. No, nothing planned.

SAM: I'm going to a friend's house, tonight. Why don't you come along with me? There'll be a whole bunch of friendly people there.

JOE: I'd like to come. Just as long as they aren't a bunch of arrogant firewatch employees.

SAM: You don't like people who serve on firewatch?

JOE: I've yet to find one firewatcher who wasn't lazy, full of pride, and a hypocrite.

SAM: I have some good friends on firewatch. Just because one firewatcher acts stupid doesn't mean that all the firewatch is bad.

JOE: Trust me. Firewatch people are all the same.

SAM: Well, Joe, I don't know just how to tell you this but… I started on firewatch last month.

JOE: You?! Sam? You're kiddin' me!

SAM: I signed a lifetime contract with the Master Forest Conservator. I plan to do firewatch for the rest of my life.

JOE: I can't believe it! My friend Sam, a Firewatch. I mean, you have so much of your life ahead of you. And to waste it all up on firewatch!

SAM: I can't believe you're so negative about the firewatch. You sure must have been hurt by a firewatcher sometime in the past. Did you lose your home to a fire that should have been flagged by a watcher?

JOE: Sam, I don't think I want to talk about it. You know my wife died in the fire.

SAM: Then, it was a firewatcher who messed up.(?)

JOE: Messed up? The guy wasn't even on duty where he should've been. It happens a lot, Sam. You've joined up with a breed of careless, conceited, irresponsible Firewatchers.

SAM: I'm not going to be like that, Joe. Nobody's gonna lose the farm because I was asleep in the service.

JOE: While you're buddies are lying down on the job, and lying more about all the great work they do?

SAM: I hear that the Master Firewatch will be sifting-out those who don't take their covenant responsibilities seriously.

JOE: People don't change, Sam. A zebra is still a zebra, even if you paint it up like a horse.

SAM: Joe, there's no other service that equips a worker as well as for the Firewatch. Just because some people don't take with them the commitment, the gear, or the training, doesn't mean we should just give up and let the whole County burn next year.

JOE: Well, I will say that you don't talk like the rest of them hypocrite firewatchers. But if you're serious, Sam, I wish you all the best. You know I've got a ranch up by the North ridge… If you're standing on the next peak this Summer, keep an eye for me. There's a steady wind in that South Canyon.

SAM: Thank You, Sam. You and yours are in my heart.

JOE: Thank you.

SAM: I guess you could say that I have a fire within me to do this work.