Let Me Count The Ways


  This is an metaphor skit adaptation about our love for Jesus Christ. A trialogue.


[ Lights & Sound up.

TIM: So, what's the problem, ladies?

KELSEY: We like the same guy.

CARA: Yeah, We've fallen in love with Him together.

TIM: Both of you.(?)

CARA & KELSEY: [in unison] Yes!

TIM: Who is the lucky guy?

CARA: [anxiously] Let me tell you about this wonderful man I love.

TIM: OKay. What is his name?

CARA: His name is like the flutter of birds wings beating in the twilight.

KELSEY: [obviously annoyed and confident] His name is Emmanuel. I know where he lives, his debit card number, where he works... I hang-out there all the time.

TIM: So, where does He live?

CARA: He lives in the glow of the evening sunset.

TIM: Uhh, right… What is he like? What is important to Him?

CARA: He is like the lovely smell of jasmine in the cool evening breeze. Day after day, he thinks only of me.

KELSEY: [impatiently] …and me!

TIM: Cara, can you tell me anything definite about Him?

CARA: [nearly lost in thought] Well, I wouldn't want to reduce Him to a mere description. He's much too wonderful to be captured by words. He is wherever, whomever, whenever I need Him.

TIM: When you're with Him, what things do you do together?

CARA: If you could just look into his eyes… [awakening from self-hypnosis] That's what we do.

TIM: Kelsey, how did you meet this guy?

KELSEY: [with unsteady reflection] Well… he's a physician. I started reading about all the medical wonders accredited to Him. I've studied all about Him, and I know a whole lot of people who know Him.

TIM: How do you know that you love Him?

KELSEY: I follow all the news about Him. In ancient Greece, "love" meant "to collect sea shells", or something like that… So, I love Him by collecting trivia about Him. I know all about his house, his family, even his favorite chair…

TIM: You seem to know a lot of facts about Him, but do you really know Him? Does he know you??

KELSEY: Well, I'm not sure. I know everything there is to know about Him. Doesn't that count for something?

CARA: [with mild surprise] She doesn't feel anything for Him.

KELSEY: Yes I do! I… feel anger when you say things like that.

CARA: Oh, how I love Him so. Let me count the ways… I love the beauty of his grace in the flowing waters of a backyard brook, the glow of his face like sunset upon a snow-covered peak…

KELSEY: Cara has got her head in the clouds! [showing some anger in frustration] He has a real life. I know everything about Him and I know that he doesn't spend time in her backyard!

TIM: Kelsey, you have knowledge… Cara, you have passion… Together, you will find your love.

CARA: But, I want to marry Him!

KELSEY: [looking downward] We want to marry Him.

TIM: How about spending some real, personal time with the One you love?

KELSEY: You mean, more than what I've learned about Him?

CARA: …More than what I feel about Him?

TIM: There's no greater love.