Our Adults

CAST: Tim  (child-patriarch; age 10-14)
Joy  (child-matriarch; age 9-13)
Jimmy  (adult 1)      all adult cast members ages 20s, 30s, 40s.
Sally  (adult 2)
Peter  (adult 3)
Dan  (adult 4)
Rachel  (adult 5)

  This is a role-inversion skit that re-inserts common life challenges into a family home setting. Cast members should make effort to become comfortable (during rehearsal) with the mildly surreal elements of this script.


Setting: living room with (stage) doorway entrance. Tim & Joy are each seated in a comfortable chair, easily able to glance over at one another. Tim has access to "today's paper," while Joy is knitting and/or writing a letter to a dear friend. A "living room lamp" may be helpful to add direct lighting to the scene. The (stage) door entrance should also be provided some illumination. Setting & props may be arranged in such a way as to provide some script support for Tim & Joy (if needed).

Props: Newspaper, Remote control (TV or VCR handheld type)

[ Lights & Sound up.

TIM: My dearest Joy, has it been 5 minutes since one of ours has come through the door?

JOY: Oh, dear… I know how much you love our adults.

[Jimmy enters, forlorn and sulking…]

JOY: Jimmy, what's wrong dear?

JIMMY: [adding disgust] The judge just fined me ten-thousand dollars!

JOY: You were in court today? How come you didn't tell us, sweetheart?

JIMMY: I don't know. I didn't want you to be upset, I guess. You remember when Harry wanted to keep my hamster collection for a whole week? I thought he should pay me Hamster rent, but the judge got mad at me and now I have to pay three whole months allowance.

TIM: The Lord gave, and the Lord has taken away.

JOY: Jimmy dear, what your son means is that you shouldn't have been knocking on Judge Judy's door. We can't be happy about this! Go to your house and read First Corinthians chapter six.

TIM: …and you can also write a book report on that today.

JIMMY: [in child-like grief] Aaaaauh, do I have to??

[Tim looks intently at Jimmy as Sally enters; she looks around nervously. Jimmy leaves the way he came, and after a brief pause…]

TIM: Sally, are you up to something?

SALLY: No. Well, I saw Steve again. [Sally grins with a blush]

TIM: [intently] Why?

SALLY: Oh, no reason really. I like him.

TIM: You are a married woman, Sally. Should you be hanging around with Steve?

SALLY: Why not? We didn't do nothin'.

JOY: [with concern] Darling, remember we were at your wedding. We don't want to see you hurt.

SALLY: So, I have to go home now?

TIM: Do you remember what you promised?

SALLY: Yeah, yeah, "as long as my husband lives, 'til death do us part." But, it's not always fun being married every day you know.

JOY: It's more fun when you remember to love, dear. [glancing at Tim, as he looks back with a smile]

SALLY: [moving to pout] I don't think I want to!

TIM: When you were a child, your feelings went up and down like a bouncing ball.

JOY: [as if finishing Tim's thought] It's time for you to be more grown-up about this, Sally.

SALLY: How do I do that? [reflecting for a moment] Oh, never mind… I remember. I will go home and pray for strength.

JOY: Thank you, dear.

[Sally leaves the way she came in]

JOY: What are we going to do with that woman?

TIM: What would Jesus do?

JOY: "Go and sin no more."

TIM: Joy, she said they didn't do anything.

[Fred enters]

PETER: Can I watch the game?

JOY: Peter, did you leave work early today?

PETER: [casually] Maybe. The boss doesn't care. I don't need the money that much.

TIM: Peter, it's not about the money. You need to work the hours that you agreed to give.

PETER: Can I watch the game?

JOY: [in stronger voice] Peter, are you listening to your son?

PETER: I can work anytime. I can't watch TV all the time.

TIM: For this we give thanks to God.

JOY: The boss has called us three times this month, looking for you. [holding up a TV remote control, and with disciplinary voice] The Remote stays right here with us.

PETER: [with some frustration] You're not fair!

[Peter stomps out the door as Tim picks up the newspaper; Dan steps in]

DAN: [with child-like timidity] Son, can I ask you something?

TIM: What is it, Danny?

DAN: How can I find out how many angels will fit on a pin?

TIM: [laying down the newspaper] Why do you want to know this?

DAN: Well, ummm... You see, there's this man at the church that says if we have one of his angel pins we'll have more angels with us… a whole bunch more!

TIM: His pins are bigger?

DAN: They only cost five-hundred dollars.

TIM: Did you read in the Bible that there were angels on pins?

DAN: Uhhh… No.

TIM: If we needed more angel pins, God would have told us.

DAN: But, what if I need more?

JOY: Dan, you have everything you need. You can read about it in Matthew chapter six. God loves you that much.

DAN: OKay. I'll go tell him that I don't need a pin.

TIM: You do that.

[Dan leaves; Rachel busts in]

RACHEL: [with excitement] I've just been appointed head of the Parking Supervisors!

JOY: Well, "congratulations," Rachel.

RACHEL: Now I can finally get everyone to park themselves like they should. And for that mean lady, Harrington, she's gonna have to park herself way in the back from now on. This will be good! I finally get to tell people how to drive like I do.

TIM: Do you think they really will?

RACHEL: They'll have to! Or, they won't be able to park at our church.

JOY: Rachel, dear, not everyone will always be able to do things just like you want.

RACHEL: Then they can just go somewhere else.

TIM: What you're talking about is not an attitude of love. Joe and Debbie don't always park right. They're your friends. Do you want them to go to Park Wrong Church?

RACHEL: No. But…

JOY: Sweetheart, love does not seek its own way. Can you find Romans chapter 14 in your Bible?


JOY: Your son and I want you to read that chapter 3 times, tonight.

TIM: …and also the first part of chapter 15.

JOY: Think about how you can help everyone to be parking together and in harmony.

RACHEL: [obviously stressed in the turnabout] That sounds hard.

TIM: With help from Jesus, we know you can do it.

RACHEL: [nearly to tears] OKay.

[Rachel leaves the way she came]

TIM: My dearest Joy, has it been 5 minutes since I've told you, "I Love You"?

JOY: Oh, Tim. It's so good to have your help with our adults.