ďLet no one think any less of you because you are young, but be an example in what you teach, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, your purity.Ē
Here are some real questions and some actual advice given by teens.
Click the best answer from what is written in the Bible, because…

am i fat?… I am 13 and I have a twin sister who is a bit skinyer than me. I am not huge at least I don't think I am anyway. I weigh 115 and fit into a size 3-5. But any way there is this guy and used to like me but now he says he likes my sister just because she is more skinny than me. It's not fair. What should I do? Am I really fat?
A. I have been feeling that way too… like I am too fat sometimes. Obviously this guy has some problems if he is going for your twin just because she is a little bit skinnier. And no, you're not fat. Everybody is not meant to be skinny… Just be happy with what you look like. I know you have probably heard it that a million times, but because it is good advice.

B. If you want to know if you are too fat ask your doctor they're really good at telling if you have too much weight. Do you munch on junk food a lot? That is more important because how you treat your body matters more than what you look like. And don't even think you are healthy just because you can still sit in front of a TV and eat popcorn. Everyone needs good food and to jump around and exercise.

C. If you wear 3-5 you are not fat believe me. People dream of fitting into that. I wear anything from 0 thru 7 and weigh 105-110 pounds that is average for someone my height 5'5.

D. The guy is obviously very shallow for basing his decision on that. Don't waste your time on someone who doesn't even care who you really are.

i'm addicted… I need to ask if its ok to get addicted to something. I recently started studying intensely every night for Quizbowl. All its doing is helping me, and I am really improving, but I think that my teammates are offended because they think that the only reason I'm studying is to be the best (what's so wrong with being the best??), suck up, which I really like my coach and really wanna win this stuff for her, because it would make her happy, and take their questions away from them. so I know stuff... who cares. My coach loves me for putting so much time and effort into Quizbowl, and I am happy because she is happy, but I'm not so sure that my teammates are so happy, every time that I answer, they all glare at me. I am still a study-haulic, but is this the wrong choice??? Is it wrong for you to wanna improve even if you are already good. Am I being a fool by choosing to make me and my coach happy, or should I do what my teammates want me to do.
A. Don't care what they think... You've worked so hard for this... Enjoy it. Have fun doing it. It already sounds like you are having fun except for ur team mates. It's not ur fault ur team doesn't try as hard as you... Go out have fun and don't let them bother you!

B. What does God want you to do? That's the question you should be first to answer. God is our only purpose worth having. Just doing something for yourself or for someone else will only last a short time and then its gone. People get addicted to all kinds of things and then they have to deal with the problems of their addictions.

C. You should take a vacation for awhile. Stay away from brainy contests and don't even walk inside the library until you have a few weeks to cool off from the addiction. If its still bad after that maybe there is a Quizbowl anonimous somewhere to help you.

about wicca… About half of my friends have decided to be or are deciding about whether or not to be involved in wicca, or witchcraft. The Bible says it is wrong and that the Lord says it is 'detestable'. I've read Deuteronomy 18:10, I think it was, and another verse I can't remember that clearly state that witchcraft is evil, and I know it. Yet I don't know what to do. One of my really good friends might get involved, and I'm scared because I know it'll either be Wicca or our friendship, and our friendship has been rocky from the beginning, and no, she's not a Christian, yet God had given me the opportunity to tell her about His Word. I'm afraid she'll choose Wicca. I`ve already lost a few friends to this, who cut me off just because I'm not a part and think the whole thing is pathetic, yet they aren`t the friend that this one girl is/was. I'm at a loss.
A. There is a very powerful prayer for conversion and such. "O Blood and water that gushed forth from the heart of Jesus, as a fount of mercy for us, I trust in you". It was given to St. Faustina by Our Lord. He said "If you say this prayer with a contrite heart and with faith on behalf of that some sinner I will give that soul the grace of conversion." Say the prayer with your friends in mind. I would also be very careful because Satan has attacked people for saying it (it's that powerful), so wear a crucifix always, keep a Bible near you as much as possible, and if you have a Rosary have it on you day and night.

B. Oh, so Wicca is bad because the Bible says so. I'm asking you to demonstrate why Wicca is harmful; what damage can it do? Who is harmed by it? Does it even work? In this case, this is one of those "sins" that doesn't hurt anybody, like homosexuality.

C. Your friend is making a choice. When friends cut us off because we believe in Jesus it is a blessing from God because we will not need to be distracted or tempted or discouraged by whatever it is they have chosen instead of Jesus' love. Let your friends leave, but don't give up your prayer for them. Keep a love for them fresh. Relationships come and go but love is the key.

D. If you have a friend that is Wicca, may I ask why you have to lose a friend over it? Is it because of continuous telling him/her that it is wrong? If all sins are equal, as some believe, then why worry about it so? Honestly, if you were to cease to be friends with everyone that ever committed a sin against the Bible, you would be all alone. Learn to accept. Event he Bible says love your enemies. It also says not to judge.

self mutilation… How do u deal with anger? I get mad and lately I've picked up the habit of diggin my nails into my palm or contemplating serious suicide. Any thoughts?
A. I take out my serious anger in a physical way. I have learned to do it on non-living things, too... Good thing, I think my brother likes his body and would like to keep it. So I take a bat to an old tree-stump, or something like that. If I'm mad, I'll beat up the stump.

B. Cutting myself is fun cause it takes away the pain. oh yeah and injecting herione takes away pain but don't do that okay.

C. When angry or depressed people do three things: Burn, cut, or break. All of which are an unhealthy way to vent. Talk to a psychologist. This is something I experience on a daily basis, as I have a severe mood instability, and have to deal with depression nearly every day of my life. I am just lucky that I haven't had access to razors lately.

D. You just need to find another way to deal with your anger... start journaling your stressors throughout the day... every little thing that bugs you needs to go down on paper about who, what, where, why, and how... then decide how you are going to deal with them.

E. Hey don't even think about that... you don't have to hurt yourself. Just ask God to help ya, and read the Bible. Give yourself to God, I mean give your anger to God and don't think about suicide, it's wrong. God loves His children. He didn't make you to cut into yourself and He wants you to be patient and hold on to Him for some really good stuff that's coming from Him for you.

it's killing me… I had this friend who was not a Christian and he was murdered and I feel that I know I could have talked to him about God but I did'nt because I was too scared too. Now I feel like I am the reason that he is where he is now. I feel like the worst person on the planet. I am really beginning to question my faith and just dont know what to do.
A. Hey, it's over you can't fix that. Just worry about the now the past doesn't matter. I know sort of how you feel. I've got plenty of friends that aren't Christians (sure they say they are but they don't act like it). I know it was hard to tell him, and how tormented you must be now. Never question your faith because God loves you. If you question it'll only be harder.

B. Remember your friend next time that you're scared to talk to a friend about God, it might give you the courage to tell them about jesus!

this guy… There is this guy I really really like. He's 2 years older than me and he's like really popular. I don't know if he goes to church, but I think he does. I've heard that he has done some really bad stuff, and that's why I don't like him as much. I think he likes me though. I've liked him for almost a year. Anybody got any advice?????
A. Ask him out. That way you'll know if he's even interested in you.

B. If the boy has changed then go for it, however if not then steer clear because even though you think you may be able to bring him up to the lord, in reality he will only bring you down, not to mention the whole abstaining from the appearance of evil thing.

C. My advice would be to pray about it. It sounds to me like he isn't a Christian if he's into doing bad things. Part of living for God is having the Fear of the Lord. Having Fear of the Lord is basically not sinning because you want to please God and be what He wants you to be. If he is not living for God then it is not God's will for you to be looking at him like there's something good in him for you. You need to ask God for his direction and really listen to Him instead of listening to your own feelings like so often many of us do.

D. Well, u could approach him casually, and just start a convo. Try 2 find out about him b4 u consider going out or anything. bye!

E. If it's true he does bad things then maybe ya'll can make an agreement.. like uhhh... you give up things he don't like and he gives up things you don't like. Then maybe you could invite him to church.

my family secrets… My family sometimes keeps a lot of secrets from each other. Not necessarily bad secrets or anything bad. Like that we just aren't very honest with our whole family. I keep them within the family of course but I just wondered if anyone else had secrets like that inside their families.
A. Probably. I don't know my parents don't tell me everything.

B. Ya my parents wait until the day before we leave to go on a three day trip. They just assume I know.

C. Is your family afraid to talk about stuff or do they just forget to talk about stuff? Is there a time every day you could all talk about the secrets and other stuff and maybe get more comfortable talking? I love being honest about things. It helps.

my dad is an alcoholic… My dad is a really heavy drinker. An alcoholic per se and he always is drinking. He is drunk most of the time. I have only seen him sober about twice in my life. I want him to change. He has been to a rehab twice but he starts drinking again. It runs in the family too… What should I do?
A. I know how you feel my dad is an alcoholic too. He gets mean when he's drunk and is very emotionally abusive. I've prayed about it a lot but it never helped. (Not saying that praying won't help so do pray.) Does he bother you when he is drunk?

B. I have been taking LMS (Life Management Skills) so I know it cannot run in the family. It just means that you are able to get hooked on it if you start doing it, and become dependant.

C. Don't fetch him a beer and don't make excuses for his behavior. He may have to hit the rock bottom from drinking so much. Ask the people at your church for help and if they don't want to help then ask people at a different church until you find some friends to help with your dad. You will know they are helping when they call and come over to your house a lot, and pray and be patient.

D. Have you asked your dad to go to an AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) meeting? People who drink can share together their problems and find themselves enough to stop drinking sometimes. That's what your dad should try and do.

need help stopping bullies… There's this kid in my class, he's younger than me but he's bigger than me. He already tried to stab me with a pencil. I told my teacher. He got in trouble but he still picks on me what should I do.
A. Laugh at them. Make jokes about how they need to get a life because they don't have better things to do besides poking you with pencils. Or, you can make a big deal outta it in the middle of the whole class and even the teacher by just yelling at him to cut it out. This will embarrass him hopefully.

B. If you don't make a big deal outta it, he'll probably stop. He probably does it to get a reaction out of u. At least that is why some people do it. Others do it just to inflict pain. To get him to stop, just don't react, he'll get sick of bothering u. Remember the verse 'resist the devil and he will flee from u'? Well, resist blowing up, or making a big deal outta it. Talking to bullies only makes things worse.

C. Does he have any real friends? Does he need help with some schoolwork? Show that you care about him like Jesus would and he will have a hard time being a bully to you. Be helpful and keep alert and don't be afraid of anybody. After that you can help him stop bullying other kids if he is.

D. I'd bully him back and tell a teacher if you are worried.

i think i have depression… I think I might have depression, but I don't know what to do about it! It runs in my family, several of my relatives have either tried to or actually committed suicide from it. I haven't been feeling like myself lately, and I cry a lot, and feel very angry, and have violent outbursts. Sometimes I feel like 'this is the end'. I feel lost and don't know what to do?! Should I tell my parents? I don't know how too, it's too scary for me. I don't want my friends to think I'm crazy.
A. I was depressed about about a year ago. It was frustrating. Everytime someone would say something to me I would cry. I'd cry myself to sleep every nite. I'd cry for hours and hours. My parents could only sit by and worry.

B. Just tell them that you feel you might be depressed and they will get you to a doctor and onto medicine but not until you are sure. And don't go on Zoloft it screws you up.

C. Since depression runs in your family your parents will understand. If you don't get help for it you will probably get worse and maybe kill yourself or something bad.

D.You don't seem depressed but you probably are crazy or maybe upset about stuff.

E. I get depressed when I worry about things and about me. Check and see what you think about most and are you thinking about yourself because God wants us to think about others and to be healthy that way. So, if you're worried about things don't do that and after awhile you will wonder why you were ever feeling that way and you can remember to think about good things for other people and with God.

should i witness to… I have a friend who's parents were killed in a car crash last month. I am praying that she'll become a Christian. However she's a Jehovah's Witness, and her religion is all that's keeping her going. So I want to know if I should witness to her. If I do, she might think I was trying to crush her, but if I don't, she'll go to hell! What do I do???
A. She's going through a hard time, so telling her she wouldn't go to heaven right now wouldn't be a good idea- especially with the realization that her parents wouldn't have either.

B. That's a dumb answer because Jehovah's Witness don't believe that they go to heaven anyway!! Just invite her to your church. That's always a cool thing to do.

C. Not everyone who goes to one church doesn't believe in Jesus. Yeah you should witness be kind and gentle and listening.

verge of anorexia… Hey. I am 15, and I am on the verge of anorexia. I have a very low self image but I don't know how to change this. Help?
A. Chances are, if you think you are on the verge of anorexia, you actually have it. Anorexia begins with a state of mind (a serious obsession with weight often stemming from other underlying problems). Take it from me, a recovering bulimic, eating disorders are death sentences. Please seek help. Often times therapy is necessary.

B. I feel that I have extra weight, but I am not going to try to go through the pressure of an eating disorder. Are you in sports? If you are that's cool and that may help you loose weight if u feel u need to. I am in track that has helped me build muscle. If you don't like sports then maybe you can dance or jog at or around your house.

C. Hi, well I hope u don't get into anerexia. Just read in the Bible about how much God loves u and he created u just the way u are and he loves u that way! He doesn't make junk. The world tells us we need to be paper thin, but don't listen. I know it's hard. Eat well and exercise and trust God with ur body. He made it just for u and not to starve u. If u have to think about overweight, u can volunteer to help people who are overweight take better care of themselves. Maybe ur youth group or church can help u get involved when u help others u will do better with u.

i hate church… Ok, I believe in God and faith and all, but I hate church!! I have like never missed a church service and I have heard the same stuff forever!! I am a PK, and I think that part of the reason I hate church is because I get to see all of the behind-the-scenes stuff, so I get to know all the secrets, good or bad, and that affects how I feel towards church and my congregation. Is it OK to hate church and love god?
A. Does God hate church?? Well, maybe He does but He still loves the people. I know it's easy to think that church is just a bunch of people that come and sermons you get to hear a million times but it's really something different. Christians should get together if they are able to, but sometimes there may be other stuff that comes along so it's up to you to find what is really good and what is not. And to thank God for the good stuff even if it's just a little bit of something good like Jesus.

B. What religion are you? If you really love God, you would like going to church.

C. I honestly think you do not need church to have god. I also hate my church, it just doesnt do anything for me. But I love Jesus and I've given him my life, I just don't think you need church.

D. I don't hate church. But I hate my youth group, it is starting to get boring. All they want to do is play around instead of get some Word.

E. Church is supposed to bring Christians together. Church is like a fire, and you are a log. Alone you can't burn very long, but united with other logs make the fire. Go to church, tell your pastor-mom she needs more stories.

divorce being in the middle… Oh man, I have decided that I totally side with God on the idea of hating divorce, it really stinks. My parents have never gotten along and have gotten separated many a time now. About a year and a half or so ago my parents decided to get divorced. And I thought it was bad b4!! It got so much worse. It finally ended about a week ago and I'm hoping that things will begin settling down. I am totally in the middle always. And as the oldest, I have had to make some tough lifechanging decisions for me and my sisters (ages 12 and 7). My dad and I have never gotten along but having to stand up to him and take my sisters away from him by way of court. now we really don't get along. But I want to let all u's out there know that my God is a big ol God and He won't ever leave u! He has been with me thru it all and will continue to be with me. I have grown closer to Him in a way that I never could have imagined.
A. I am kinda in ur situation. Like, my parents have been divorced for about 5-6 years now. My 10-yr-old brother and I only see my dad every other weekend, but we have 2 stepsisters and a stepmom there waiting for us. Except we live in the spare dining room when we visit 'the kid's room' so it's not even officially ours. There's a TV in there, a lap top with internet and games, board games, so they're always in there! They mess up my top bunk of the bed and nose through my drawer (singular, by the way. one drawer). I can't stand it!

B. Dude, divorce is like well there are no words to describe it… it that bad. My parents were never married so we didn't have to go to court, but other junk happened so guess even I don't know which is worse them apart or together all was pretty bad cuz it all about me and my sis especially me cuz I'm older.

C. My dad just re-married and ran out of money so he decided to sell all my things cuz his waz too precious, so I have a big grudge against my dad but I just pray.

D. This is a tough situation. My Mom has been divorced twice. It's like you say that you can grow closer to God even when your parents are breaking up. You can't help with a divorce but God will help you in the middle of one. It's like it never ends and it's confusing and really sad… That's why I think God doesn't want divorce.

E. Hey! You get a new family sorta… so what's the deal?

 Stories of Faith

Hey, After I get caught up on my school work, I am going to preach a sermon for teen talent (a five minute sermon). I was going to preach on healing but I really know now that God wants me to do it on love, and stuff like that since there seems to be so much more hatred now then two weeks ago (or maybe it is just the hatred is coming out that was already there).
~ Little Purple Fish

Just today me, my friends Nicole and JJ had a huge mud fight in the woods. It's Spring so everything is wet and muddy, it was so great. Anyone else do anything like that w/their friends? God must've been laughin' when he saw us having such a good time!
~ Randy

There was this kid I knew in High School, and he was always changing friends. He would go from one group of friends to another, changing friends and fads about as often as he changed clothes. During those years, he was a surfer, punk rocker, football player, runner, drummer in a rock band, cowboy, skater, student body officer, heavy drinker, goth, and a lot of different stuff in-between. I never knew what he would become next! He was like a chameleon. Every time he changed friends he became a different person. His new friends had a big influence on who he was at that moment. One day he told me, "I don't really like who I am, so I'm trying to become someone I can respect." That was a pretty deep statement. He didn't like himself or what he thought he was, and he was also beginning to understand that whoever you spend time with has a major influence on who you become. When he came to the church youth group, he found a crowd of people who came from different groups and schools, but who actually liked him for who he was. They didn't want to turn him into something like some of them were. They didn't try to turn him into someone else. It took awhile for him to believe that he belonged and that he could be and become what God had made him to be. By building his identity rooted in the love of Christ, he didn't need the fads to tell him what to be next. His Christian friends showed him that God was real, and the reality of trusting God changed his life.

I was born and raised in Germany where religion is taught as a subject in school. So through school and going to church I had heard about Jesus, heaven and hell. My father did horoscopes and my uncle would do pendulum and astrology for the children. I would read a lot about Star Trek, liked its philosophy. When I was 13 I started to have an identity crisis, i.e. believed I was in reality someone else, everything around me felt like a dream and I also became very depressed. At 14 I tried to kill myself the first time, followed by 3 overdoses in 1979, half a year on youth psychiatry and 3+ years of psychotherapy, which I feel didn't help me much. During these years I was told several times about Jesus but for some reason couldn't understand how His blood washes away our sins. One time at a retreat with YMCA in Sweden when I was 17 Christians tried to tell me that Jesus could help me with my problems. I remember clearly sitting by the side of a lake and saying in response: 'Ja, this Jesus, He says that if you don't believe in Him you go to hell. I want to live as I want to live!' So I did, and every year my life went more downhill: At some time I had gender confusion, even considered having a sex-change operation so I could be a gay man, got pregnant at 19, had an abortion, cried about it for a whole year every day and in order to quench the feelings of pain, guilt and grief became addicted to smoking dope. During this time I had begun searching and reading a lot of books about Edgar Cayce, UFOs, the paranormal, the pyramids, Hinduism, Buddhism, black magic, white magic, etc., Tried to do a lot of paranormal stuff myself. As I was crying about the forests dying of acid rain my boyfriend suggested that if I really wanted to understand what was happening I should read a book about the Apocalypse. So I did also start to read Revelation (last book of the bible) and one night had a dream in which a very warm presence spoke to me - not in words - 'Don't worry, Angelika, you will be born again.' In German 'wiedergeboren' means both 'born again'. As I had just read about Hinduism and karma I thought the dream could mean that I might die soon, and looking back at my life, as you can see above, concluded that I must have a lot of 'BAD karma'. So I thought: 'Oh no! I'll do anything, but not this, not go through this life again in order to make it better!' In the next few weeks God pointed out truth in that when we believe in Jesus Christ, His blood washes away all our sins and we have eternal life. Wow! I really needed forgiveness for the abortion and I really needed help with the addiction. God gave me the faith that what He says in the Bible is really true…
~ Angelika

I was a fourteen year old girl taken by the spirit of confusion. No longer did I see hope for my future. I was very selfish and resented the world. So many reasons I can't remember them all. I was living in poverty and felt I deserved better. My mother was sick a lot so I didn't have much supervision. I pretty much came and went as I pleased. I was my own boss. I was in charge. I was taking charge of my life that night. I was ready to go be with the Lord. No one could have stopped me because I told no one. My mother kept a variety of pills around the house so when I was in my room that night, that was the only way I seen fit to do it. I grabbed her bottle, got a drink, then it is what I said after I took those pills. 'Lord Please forgive me.' I thought for sure I could mauch God and get away with it. Boy was I wrong. The next thing I remember is waking up in a hospital five days later hooked up like a vegetable. I was told by the doctor that I was predicted to be a vegetable or if I came out at all, with brain damage. You see, my heart stopped for fifteen minutes that they know. My mother found me the next morning with no pulse. It takes fifteen minutes from there to get to the nearest hospital but that was driving normal speed. I am sure my brother was racing that day. You see, God spared me. I will never again temp God with my life. I pray that you will see that your life is precious in God's eyes and wants to adopt you into His family. For only God deserves the Glory. He is the breathe of life in me. Who am I to take it.
~ Renee

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So you don't have to wait until your 98th birthday to live by faith in Jesus Christ
Samaritan Epidemic
Multiply the compassion from Luke 10:33-37 in selecting about one-half of the group to be the Victims. Present each chosen victim a small paper/card with their assigned illness or condition. (Suggested list provided below.) Be careful to include only victim conditions, not symptoms or masks. ("low self-esteem" is not a valid illness/condition.) Props may be supplied to victims to enhance drama or clues. (i.e., bandages; torn garments; broken things; torn photographs; documents, etc.) Have all victims enter and sit or lie down. The remaining group ("Samaritans") should attend to each person in need of help, one victim at a time, by carefully identifying their condition and offering appropriate help. Trite or inappropriate care (i.e., "Just get over it," "You need to see a doctor," "Stop faking…") should be discouraged. When compassion is identified as helpful, that victim may stand and join the Samaritan caregiving group; then, on to the next victim with love, until every victim is standing. Having someone on-hand who is familiar with basic first aide procedures may enhance involvement, along with a keen knowledge of the Scriptures to guide in the application of love with compassion for others.
  illness/condition suggested list:
Accident victim
Assault/Gang Violence
Broken Heart
Broken Limb
Cancer Victim (specific)
Common Cold
death of a family member
Dog/Animal Bite
Failing School
Food Poisoning
Guilt from sin
Identity Theft
Prescription Drug Addition
Parents Separating
Prejudice or social isolation
Religious Cult or Mind Control
Victim of Confusion
Victim of Debt
Victim of Discouragement
Victim of a Lie
Victim of Rage
Victim of Rape
Victim of Terrorism
Victim of Theft or Fraud
Victim of War (refugee)

No Losers
Acts 20:24; Jude 1:22-23. Set up a "Finish Line" wide enough to span all players, about 12 to 24 feet from a parallel wall of equal or greater width. Begin by having all players stand either mid-way between the Finish and the Wall (for a novice team), or along the Wall itself (pro team); all facing away from the Finish Line. No Losers First Version is a Scripture Memory challenge, where for each question, the first part of a Bible verse is presented and a player must correctly finish that quotation. Second version is an application exercise with similar questions & answers as those used in the LifeGame Someone Says… The first person who correctly answers may immediately turn to face the Finish Line (if he/she is not already). Then, in order to advance forward one step, that player must perform a "Mercy" by correctly choosing (without looking behind) another player who stands in the current farthest-back position. A strong (correct) Mercy selection turns the far back "receiver" player toward the Finish AND moves both giver & receiver toward the Finish one step. A weak (incorrect) Mercy, and neither player will move. At any time, should no player be able to correctly answer a question in time, all players must turn to face away from the Finish (if not so positioned already), and take one step toward the Wall. For any player to actually cross the Finish Line, that player must (by nomination) take another player with them who is also one step away from crossing the Finish. Pace is fast… recommend a 3-sec or 5-sec timer for answers. Players seeking a Mercy may briefly cry out "Mercy!", but they may not say anything to reveal their position in the game without being disqualified.
No Losers doesn't guarantee that everyone will cross the Finish Line. {grin}

Emmaus Road
Begin with participant(s) reading the extraordinary story from Luke 24:13-32, and also read aloud II Corinthian 5:16. Group of 10 or more, with 2 to 4 selected to serve on a panel. The panel members then blindfolded, or moved to an adjoining room (within earshot). Those who remain shuffle seating positions before Emmaus Road begins. Panel members are permitted 7 questions for each member of the group hidden from their view, with every response relayed (via whisper or note pad) through the person to their right. Information about the Bible, or about one's personal walk (journey) with Jesus Christ, are the only style of questions permitted. Any panel member may attempt to correctly identify the one being question, but each panel member has but 1 opportunity to do so (per person). Next person to be questioned is to the left. Panel member who correctly identifies the largest number of participants wins!

Fitly Joined
15 to 30 (or more) participating. Begin with reading of Ephesians 4:16 by a participant. Fitly Joined tests your agility, anatomy and response time. Two versions played in one session: 1] basic human anatomy, and 2] functions (parts) of the local church. Identifying badges are prepared in advance from the following "Parts" lists:
Parts List version 1
Ankle (2) *
Arm (2)
Ear (2)
Elbow (2) *
Eye (2)
Foot (2)
Hand (2)
Kidney (2)
Knee (2) *
Leg (2)
Lung (2)
Tongue *
Fitly Joinings version 1
Ankle - Foot
Arm - Mouth
Ear - Eye
Elbow - Arm
Eye - Nose
Foot - Leg
Hand - Arm
Heart - Lung & Arm
Kidney - Stomach
Knee - Leg
Leg - Stomach & Kidney
Liver - Stomach
Lung - Liver
Mouth - Neck
Neck - Ear
Nose - Mouth
Spleen - Liver & Leg
Stomach - Spleen & Liver
Tongue - Mouth
Parts List version 2
Discernment (2)
Faith (3)
Knowledge (2)
Languages (2)
Prophecy (2)
Service (4)
Shepherd (3)
Teacher (2)
Wisdom (2)
      Fitly Joinings version 2
  Apostle - Languages
  Discernment - Knowledge
  Evangelist - Faith
  Exhorting - Mercy
  Faith - Service
  Giving - Service OR Wisdom
  Healing - Miracles
  Knowledge - Teacher
  Languages - Teacher
  Leading - Apostle OR Prophecy
  Mercy - Healing
  Miracles - Faith
  Prophecy - Apostle
  Service - Mercy OR Leading
  Shepherd - Leading OR Discernment
  Teacher - Prophecy OR Exhorting
  Wisdom - Teacher OR Knowledge

Asterics indicate optional parts; parentheses indicate optional quantities. Hand out the badges (body parts), and display the "Fitly Joinings" protocols (as shown above) in large letters (poster, or other). "Blitz Twister" timed start (when everyone's ready): hand-to-hand, hand-to-foot, foot-to-foot joinings ONLY. Snap a photograph of your results after a quick check for correct anatomy.
Version 1 played first, then Version 2.
Living Gospel
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is alive within you!
Group of 7 or more, assembled in a circle. By offering just a single sentence, (one participant after another,) and beginning with about the time of the birth of Jesus Christ, continue through in re-telling (in serial fashion) the story recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

My Epistle
Write a short letter to your local church or church community. Make everything you write in full harmony with the Scriptures. Like the Bible's Epistles, be sure to include some encouragement! Share each letter with the group and reflect. Decide together, with consensus, which letters should be sent; sign, and send.

Someone Says...
A on-the-spot opportunity to apply what you know to be true by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. Begin by having participants read the following verses (and/or other Bible texts that apply well to the questions list for this LifeGame):

* Joshua 1:9 [strong & courageous]
* Isaiah 40:31 [wait upon the Lord]
* Luke 17:3-4 [rebuke him, repent, forgive 70x7]
* John 1:12-13 [as many as received Him]
* Romans 8:37-39 [more than conquerors; nothing can separate us from His love]
* Romans 15:7 [accept one another as He accepted us]
* I Corinthians 9:23-24 [do all things for the sake of the gospel; run to win]
* I Corinthians 10:31 [do all to the glory of God]
* I Corinthians 12:22-23 [weaker more honorable]
* II Corinthians 9:8 [grace & abundance]
* II Corinthians 12:9-10 [my grace is sufficient; when weak Iím strong]
* Philippians 2:14 [grumbling & disputing]
* Philippians 4:12-13 [whatever circumstance, I can do all things]
* I Thessalonians 5:14 [encourage, help, be patient with all men]
* I Timothy 4:12 [youth/be an example]
* Hebrews 13:5 [money-contentment]
* I Peter 3:8-9 [be kind, caring & humble; returning a blessing for evil/insult]
* I Peter 4:8 [love covers]

Questions List:

  Someone says
If you donít like it, why donít you just leave!

  Someone says
You were wrong

  Someone says
I was wrong

  Someone says
You donít have enough money

  Someone says
I donít have enough money

  Someone says
You should have called me

  Someone says
I do only what I have to do to survive

  Someone says
I donít like her

  Someone says
Youíre not helping

  Someone says
I donít have time for this

  Someone says
You broke Godís law

  Someone says
Your friend is breaking Godís law

  Someone says
You donít understand what Iím going through

  Someone says
Youíre too young to understand

  Someone says
I donít need to be patient

  Someone says
Youíre so weak!

  Someone says
You seem so strong

  Someone says
Iím doing this just for me

  Someone says
I donít like the way you looked at me

  Someone says
I need to have it now

  Someone says
Iíve had a really bad day

  Someone says
Iím afraid of them

  Someone says
You will have to give in to their wishes.

  Someone says
How do you know that God accepts you?

  Someone says
Does it really matter what I do?

  Someone says
Iíll do it, but after I give them a piece of my mind

  Someone says
Why do they make things so hard for me?

  Someone says
Youíre ugly

"Someone Says…" questions from the question list above are written-out in advance on small pieces of paper. Begin by having everyone stand, and take turns to draw one question and to ask that question aloud to any other person in the circle who is still standing. The group determines if the response given is in accord with how Jesus Christ would/might respond. If the response does not fit with the mind of Christ, or if there is no response offered, that person is seated and abstains from giving or receiving questions for the remainder of the game/round.

…more LifeGames coming!