Who/What is Youth|Excel?

  Youth|Excel is a resource for youth/teens who are moving forward in Christian maturity. Y|E is Spirit/Word-maintained, non-sectarian, non-secular. We can be reached via e-mail at, or telephone Marshall at 541.864.9114

The page won't work right.(?)  Where's the Back button?

The Youth|Excel site includes many images & objects. Your first visit may require a few minutes to load pages. If images are missing, click on "Reload" or "Refresh", or use the right-click "Show Picture" option.
Suggested minimun screen resolution is 800x600, with 1024x768 as best.
Some objects require an MP3 or Real player plug-in. The Y|E Message Board requires a Javascript enabled browser. Please Report Problems of any kind. Thanks! We love you.
Click on the top Youth|Excel logo to return to the Y|E start page.

Can you link to our site?

Links from Youth|Excel are considered carefully for content & function. Also, your link site should be God-focused, teen-friendly, and dynamic (some content updates every week).

I'm a teen with artwork, poetry, music… Can my work be put on Y|E?

We would like to see it. All art, poetry, music, dance, drama, etc., should be conceived and expressed as so to bring glory to God, the Creator of all things. If you agree, your works almost surely can be displayed or linked at the Youth|Excel site.

Do you have teen event/activity ideas?

Yes. Go ahead and ask your teens for their activity ideas first, then take a look at the Youth|Ideas page.