In Bezek

The land of Bezek was long ago known and feared. The king of Bezek conquered 70 other lands, and put their rulers into his own personal service. He made them eat food scraps under his banquet table. And, he had all of their thumbs and big toes severed! When the armies of Simeon finally caught up with him, they cut off his own thumbs & big toes. He was later heard to say, "As I have done, so God has repaid me." Judges 1:1-7

Fatal Attraction

Commander Sisera terrorized many peoples with his 900 iron chariots; and at a time long ago when many of his neighbors lacked even horses. But Barak had set his face to destroy Sisera, and he asked the prophet Deborah to help him with the guidance of God. When the day finally came, Barak's attack was so fierce, that Sisera jumped from his chariot and ran for his life! Hours later, exhausted & dazed, he was met by Jael, the wife of an acquaintance. She brought him inside her tent, and gave him some milk to drink. Laying down to rest, he told her to stand at the door, and if asked, to deny that anyone else was inside the tent. Not long after Sisera fell asleep, hammer in hand, Jael slipped back into the tent and drove a peg through Sisera's temple; so hard, it stuck out the other side. When Barak finally road into town, Jael showed him what she had accomplished. Judges 4

Fat Chance

Left-handed Ehud had watched his family pay tribute to the evil king Eglon for the last time. He made a double-edged sword with a 20 inch blade. When his turn finally came to go up before fat king Eglon, he said, "I have a secret message for you, O king". Eglon immediately ordered everyone else to leave him. Ehud leaned over to whisper, "I have a message from God for you." As Eglon tried to stand up, Ehud reached for his right thigh, took the sword he had made, and thrust it into the king's belly. Eglon was so fat that the blade disappeared, handle & all. Then Ehud went out & quietly locked the doors behind him. Judges 3:12-30

God Wasn't Lion

A certain young prophet went before the king to speak of how a boy would be born, named Josiah, who would kill the king's own priests. He survived the moment, as the king tried but could not touch him. An older prophet heard about the bold message, and set out to bring the young prophet back to his own house. He even told him that he had seen an angel speak of bringing him back; but he lied. While they were eating together, the older man prophesied that the younger would die for disobeying his first instructions from God. A lion later met him on the road and killed him, leaving his donkey unharmed. 1 Kings 13