NAME THAT BAND...  (These were available, last we knew)

Abel, Blood 4 Water, Agelay [group], In His Corner, Aaron's Folly, Kistron [edge or point], Taberah [desert], Adiak [impartial], Tidal Blemish, Don't Blindfold Me, Adolos [sincere], Pharaoh's Birthday, Azumo [uncorrupted], UB-Wear, Theemis [accepted], Hates Bedtime, Athlaysis [fight or struggle], Bereaved Ecclesia, Hairesis [choice], Bare Hands, Rakash [gather up], Weak Beast, Brazen Harvest, Shawthal [to transplant], Faraway Beginning, Akantha [thorn], Barbarian Hope, Rain On Your Banquet, Karpos [fruit in hand], Baked Moses, Boat Blossoms, Akataka [up & forward], Treading Asps, Busted Inwards, Kathista [ordain], Light Bonds, Awful Tranquility, Halas [salt], Austere Vengeance, Brandishing Paradise, Alopex [the fox], Confounded Pilot, Devout Madmen, Glookus [sweet], Awls In All, Clear The Debris, Anagk [distress], Wake Jonah!, Born Botched?, Damarus [gentle], Topless Virtue, Anakradz [cry or scream], Aside From That, Breathed Life, Shephal [lowly], Cross Species, Damnation's Foe, Shahnan [prick or teach], Narrow Water, Noridzo [make clear], Who's Disciple?, Only The Bankrupt, Grace 4 Ashes, Dendron [tree], Dismay Decay, Cry Of Decapolis, Anastasis [recovery], Deadly Scramble, Spear Saul, Shehkef [window], Asaph's Ear, Descending Ascent, Ascending Descent, Adistazo [no doubt], Covered Crag, Hasty Rescue, Rod Bud, Brotherly Self, Endeket [admitted], Heifer's Malice, Heir Heights, Aunt Armies, Impeach Darius, Egersis [resurrection], Lost Coffin, Cloud Colours, Metreihon [measured], Chide Pride, Dearth Reverse, Endeixis [evidence or proof], Herd Purge, New Compass, Tifereth [beauty & honor], Who's Child?, A Desirable Loss, Heritage Cleanse, Awgasma [shine out], Once Hidden, Hollow Hinges, Happier Divorce, Another Anvil, Eperon [to question], Confusion's Demise, Lehkaq [what is received], Ivory Apes & Peacocks, Blepsis [sight], Drew Drawn Draw, After Headstones, Eti [further on], Afraid Of Angels, No Milk Please, Anoyah [madness], Dog's Allowed, Burning Flesh, Altered Apathy, Simon's Brother, Hotly Contested, Aparche [first-fruits], Dyed in Dying, Faith Cartridge, Aprons For All, Apekh [receive in-full], Apt 2, Kadkod [strike the fire], Water Archery, Full Ark, Anargos [active], Hurt Your Skirt, Child Dowry, Household Hazards, Pocket Doughboy, Adam Adamant (the mineral), Allegory Allowance, Astrapay [lightning], Contracaptive, Global Excursion, Euporia [resources], Smite Trite, Deception Denied, Aphixis [departure], Renegade's Defense, Ragash [rage], Fallen Quadrant, Eutono [intense], Hunting Sinners, Spare Agag, Makmaud [delighful], Delicate Destruction, Phron [thought], Fire The Butler, Oogaub [reed instruments], Traveling Conspiracy, Curse At Daybreak, Bia [vital force], Denounce Me, Abstention, Zeukteria [to fasten], Dipped Hyssop, Vain Caesar, Cage Satan, Bromas [food], Against Compliance, Gabal [admission], Incensed Imagery, Absalom's Abuse, Crisis Abated, Abradune [no slack & no delay], Map Of Heaven, Pure Purpose, Wet Feet, Healthy Navel, Lod Ono, Mikvah [a collection], Innocence Recovered, Endhinder, Having Obtained, Chanan [grace], Check Your Instruments, Panoplia [ready for anything], Soften Hardness, Past Past, Nineveh's Desolation, Qamats [handful], Immortal Image, You're Not Honest, Mighty Lite, X-Harlot, Chazaq [strengthen], Path-O-Matic, Ransom Occasion, Time's Healer, Less Infidel, Moist Bread, Inhabitants Of The Rock, Missing Less, Whom You Obey, Oblation, Camak [take hold], Goodbye Iscariot, Palat [escape/deliver], Zionic Bond, Leading Offense, Hodaygo [guide/lead], Lingering Haste, Just Because, Pattern Enhancement, Idbash, 300 Wives, Shaba [completion], Bazaz [to gather], Moving Out, Good Ground, Woof Warp, Grave Oracle, Warrant Issued, Tender Penury, Knees First, Mishmar [guard], Endurance Over Avoidance, Won Hard, Preserve The Body, Already Occupied, More Than A Memory, Berajah [God has created], 5-Alarm Molech, Odune [sorrow], Nostril Blast, Who You Know, Get Down Korah, Passion Substrate, What's Killing You, Take Pains, New King, Wasted Kir, Prey On Pride, Vazar [bearing guilt], Absalom's Oak, Wide House, Not The Pope, Trucemakers, Ladder Up, Mercy Enough, Porcius, Father's Midwife, Quatrogyllium, Float To Joppa, Clear As Crystal, Perpetual Wake, Take No Oath, Lavish White, Jaw Hooks, Palmerworm, Faithwatch, Leprous World, Goral [rough], Birthwreck, Once Outside, Read Letter, NetWorks, Temporal Outrage, Liar Terror, Observe The Feast, Pelagos [depth], Obscurity's End, Apartamercy, Heraldism, Meek Peak, Pishon [gold], Take Me, Every Fruit, Fig Leaves, Enoch Walk, Striveless, Your Son's Wives, Floodgates, Every Swarming Thing, Akar [yoked], Corruptacide, Steady Rain, Cloudbow, Chaphas [seeking], Naked Noah, Araratle, Seed & Harvest, Divided Earth, Raamah, Fallen Tower, Terah's Generation, His Wife, Zeruwa [to plant], Mamreland, Know For Certain, Wash Your Feet, Quarried Stone, Hell's Conspirators, Exactation, Argaman [purple], Bosmath [fragrance], Ezra's Hedge, Once Oppressed, Sealed Document, Porphyry, Golden Vessels, Contemptible Vashti, Don't Blame God, Scofferloss, Laugh From Heaven, Fetteroff, Rod Of Iron, Silver Dove, Ascription, Shattering Heads, Needy Greedy, Vindicality, No Stronger, Like A Dream, Nevertheless, Pierced Within, Nomadation, Total Refuge, Tongue Parades, Carved Work, Disturbitation, Day Of Battle, Art Resplendent, Equipped, Works Wonders, Soulspare, Bread Also, Greet With Meat, Burning Anger, Subdued, Can't Keep, Kissing Fish, Wrathmaster, Timbrelyre, Ready 2 Forgive, Truth Spring, Beyond Loathing, Remembermost, Arrogant Men, Over Me, Violate Not, Dismayment, Massah, Holy Attire, Gravenclast, Moldersoul, Framer, Endurall, My Footstool, Bosom Of Fools, Lip Wrinkles, Mind Reveal, Captured, Winnower, Precious Thing, No Deception, Emberalia, Reproach Me, Rushing Bear, Tested, Linen Snow, Hate Life, Eternal Heart.