Faithful Love

          D           Em
Faithful love flowing down
Faithful love is a friend

          D2/D           G
From the thorn-covered crown
Just when hope seems to end

           D              A
Makes me whole, saves my soul
Welcome face, sweet embrace

         D          A
Washes whiter than snow.
Tender touch filled with grace

          D               Em
Faithful love calms each fear
Faithful love, endless power

         D2/D             G
Reaches down, dries each tear;
Living flame, Spirit's fire;

           D          A                D   D2 D
Holds my hand when I can't stand on my own
Burning bright in the night, guiding my way

** CHORUS **

       A           D    G  D
Faith love  from above

          G  (A) (G)                D
Came to earth to show the Father's love

           A           D
And I'll never be the same

          G             G2           Em7
For I've seen faithful love face to face

     Em           G    D
And Jesus is His name.