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Can I get praise songs with chords?? How do I see the artwork?? Where are the stories about people?? I want to dig deeper into the Bible. What are LifeGames??
I'm bored… Where can I find stuff to do that's not on the calendar?? I just have more questions.
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“Let no one think any less of you because you are young, but be an example in what you teach, in the way you live, in your love, your faith, your purity.”

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau
French philosopher
invented adolescence
18th century dude

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Truth is clear…
The blog of life is wierd.
Check out Job 39:7 & Psalm 66:18. If you're just raving, it doesn't hold His attention. When we know we've done wrong, but we're silent or defensive about it, our prayer line is gonna crash. God is always holy… NOBODY can mess with His mind. But, the biggest reason why people's prayer doesn't get heard today comes down in James 1:6-8. It's a big problem inside an eclectic culture (lot's of things to have and do) where Doubt Rules, and everything gets squeezed into a test tube. Not sure God will hear and answer? Get sure. Pray sure.
One word: GAMEO. In the New Testment, sex and wedding are combined in the G word, gameo. When people separate having sex and wedding, they're having problems because God put them together. Check out Matthew 19:1-12. God is very OKay with sex, but He wants you to know what it does inside you: both of you becoming one flesh.
more about sex/wedding in I Corinthians 7.
Our Maker's huge secret about our wanting to be wedding slipped out in Malachi 2:15… He desires that we have (and raise) children who are growing in Him.
God said, "I HATE DIVORCE!". Who really wants to be caught doing things that God HATES?? In the Old Testament, divorce means to cut off and throw away, or to dismiss, depending upon which Hebrew word is being used. In the New Testament, divorce is to carry out and let die. This is gross stuff. People think they want divorce because they're being self-focused and maybe they don't understand what wedding is.
Wedding MATH:
 TheTruth  AboutSchool…can be learned!
In public school you will donate about 2,200 days (~13,000 hours). Through 12 years of classes, the school district will collect about $70,000 for your time served in the chalkboard jungle. No, you can't get it for less at Wal-Mart.
ever feel like this?Why is school too easy or too hard, boring or frustrating, irrelevant or pressured? Let's pull out that Bible from our backpacks to solve for a God perspective on education
In the
USofA, school most often means study. It's true that God's Word reveals we should study. Study is diligence & devotion with direction. [Ezra 7:10; Proverbs 1:5; 9:9; II Timothy 2:15] There's another part to education called training. [Proverbs 22:6; II Timothy 3:16] For training, the Greek word-idea is like cultivating the garden of your mind. A well thought garden can be sweet.
my mutant lemon experimentStudy without training may be frustrating or boring. I'm learning all this stuff (studying) without doing much with it. Training (a.k.a., experience) is something that employers often look for in job applicants, while our middle & high schools emphasize study goals for students.
Everything you will learn in high school can be understood by age 13. Schools in other countries accelerate learning and training after completing the third grade, along with offering more interesting subjects and skill training to connect with study goals. How can we make our school time more meaningful, relevant and helpful?
Understand God's purpose in study & training. Though most schoolbooks and school teachers leave Him out, do everything you do (or, study) to the glory of God. [I Corinthians 10:31] My studies go better when I have His clear purpose already in mind.
Get involved with helping other students at school. Tutoring is a good way to get the training that your school may have left out. Helping others has many rewards, and can be a powerful way to exemplify Jesus Christ. [I Timothy 4:12; Titus 2:6-8]
Integrate your learning experiences. Science needs math and reading needs literature and art needs science and history needs language and language needs math and everything needs God because He made it all, and He is the only One who can show us the melody and harmony of life. [Job 38:4; Proverbs 9:10; Colossians 1:9-10] Without the knowledge (learning) of God our language is dubious, our history is pointless, our science is weird, our math is irrational.
Recognize that to live is to learn. It never stops!!! Train to embrace it because growth in skill, knowledge & wisdom is within God's perfect will for you.

our irradiated plant was much bigger by 3rd period on monday!

We want more than this world has to offer
We were meant to live for so much more


Disfiguring Adult Diseases

| Pronetustress: a contagion of conflicted purpose brought on by trying to be everything to everyone who wants anything. symptoms include: unexplained exhaustion; frequent thirst for get-a-way or vacation time; poor dietary habits; weight gain or loss; hypertension; skin wrinkles and red face. Prescription: I Peter 5:7

| Planneritis: identified most obviously in adults who carry a day planner or daytimer with them wherever they go. the Planneritis patient may develop a downward gaze, acute aversion to interruptions, schedule anxiety, and absenteeism from his/her home. Prescription: James 4:13-15

| Spendaway: marked by chronic obsessive impulses to swap money for anything else. advanced Spendaway may necessitate that truckloads of material things be regularly taken from the adult's residence to the dump, just to maintain adequate living space. adults previously diagnosed with Cantsaveadime are twenty times more likely to progress in signs of Spendaway. Prescription: Luke 16:10-15

| Yellawhile: noted by loud outbursts precipitated in frustration. Yellawhile infects the adult's ability to love other people, and can lead to strain of the larynx or tongue extension; inability to communicate effectively; life-threatening cardiac events and heart failure. Prescription: Proverbs 15:1

| Coupledetached: exact etiology unknown; possibly a variant of Independentusamericanous. advanced indication of Coupledetached may appear with mom and dad not agreeing about much of anything. classic indications of Coupledetached can be observed in married people who behave as if one or both still have a separate life to live. Symptoms include difficulty in spending time together, abrupt lifestyle changes and dry lips. Coupledetached can often progress to virulent Divorciousmultipliticus. Prescription: Ephesians 5:22-33

| Workobsessapay: plague of the 20th century still with us today. often found derivative in culture of the American Dream, chronic Workobsessapay develops acute expression upon exposure to materialism, lack of God purpose, unhappy household, or the mere potential of an overtime wage. First signs likely to include calloused hands and a tattered heart. Prescription: John 6:27

| Insuralot: caused by exposure to Phobiouseverythingus and God distrust. Early symptoms include anxiety, worry, and long talks with telephone sales people. Insuralot may cause the adult to become over-confident, relatively impoverished, or to purchase multiple life insurance policies for themselves or others. Prescription: Luke 12:22-34

| Nofuntohav: insipid outcome of a heavy heart perpetual, Nofuntohav takes over the adult's ability to see through the eyes of a child. early symptoms to onset include: failures in the laughter reflex; impatience; moderate hydrophobia; loss of ticklish spots; inability to run or point at rainbows; disinterest in children and small animals. for severe cases, the adult with Nofuntohav may insist upon locking themselves indoors. Prescription: Matthew 18:1-6



|suicidle in church
is church suposed to make you feel suicidle? cuz some times when i am in a church i feel depressed and sad and like i wannna die are you suposed to feel that way?

|re: suicidle in church
hey Kayla, When I started going to church I did feel depressed and sad and felt suicidle. why? Because I've had a really bad life. I was always abused by my birth father. When ever I walked into the church I always wonder why God let my dad do that to me, so thats why I did't think I deserve to live. But now I am a Christian I now under stood what God had planed for me. Now I am adopted by a wonderful family that truly loves me and have faith in me. Just this past Friday (2-27-04) My birth father died in his sleep from a heart attack. I just wanted to die, But I knew that God will give me strenth through the death of my father. I've been going to church for 2 years now, becuase of all the love I get from friends, family and God. I don't feel SUICIDLE any more. I am happy that God made me, because now I can tell my natual family all about Jesus Christ. Just have Faith in Jesus and in YOURSELF!!!! I have HOPE you can do it Kayla.


Mine was different. I think it started the day I was baptized or maybe a little bit before. There were changes happening to me…
Sure, I started liking girls, and I started treating them a whole lot better. There was other stuff, too. Way more radical than for my friends at school. I actually was thinking about other people as more important than what I wanted. And I kept getting asked about a Bible I was carrying, like people don't carry books to class and stuff? Hanging-out with Christians… and I was missing out on some of the trouble people I knew were into. And people started coming to me for answers to stuff. Then there were the service days I went to… helping other people paint or clean or yardwork or homework -- somebody else's homework. Once, we drove over a hundred miles just to help out. Seriously, spiritual puberty makes you crazy! It was like a war zone inside me, as I always knew who would win. I remember this time some of us stood outside in the freezing cold praying for an hour. Afterwards, someone watching thought I was a protestor. Didn't stop there… I was praying with teachers and homeless people, and with my family at home. Mom thought I needed to visit a psychologist, but I talked her out of it. The second year, I spent a lot of time just talking to Jesus Christ. My body had changed and my brain was re-wired or something. People at the church said that I was trying to please God. I don't remember trying as much as wondering what was going to happen to me next with all the changes. Now, I'm pretty much through it. I tell people it's a work of the Spirit.

Who is this man? In chemistry, He turned water to wine. In biology, He was born without the normal conception. In physics, He disapproved the law of gravity when He ascended into heaven. In economics, He disapproved the law of diminishing return by feeding 5000 men with 2 fishes and 5 loaves of bread. In medicine, He cured the sick and the blind without administering a single dose of drugs. In history, He is the beginning and the end. In government, He is called Wonderful, Counselor, Prince of Peace. In religion, no one comes to Father God except through Him. He is Jesus! In Him I've found everything! The greatest man of all history. Jesus had no employees, yet His friends called Him, "master". He had no scholar's degree, yet they called Him "Teacher". He had no pharmacy, yet they called Him "Healer". He had no Navy or security team, yet Kings feared Him. He won no political or military conflicts, yet He conquered the world. He committed no crime, yet they crucified Him. He was buried in a tomb, yet He lives today. Feel honoured to serve such a Leader who loves us!