||| Seniors Breakfast and Bible Presentation
Teens prepare meal for seniors, and provide for them a Bible presentation (dramatic reading and/or drama/mime). [this activity encourages expression in Christian service]

||| Teen Bible Jeopardy.
3 teens would pre-qualify for the game. A full-sized wall-array of category questions with cover-cards might be easily constructed, and an audience invited to attend. Would require a lively show host! [this activity encourages study/knowledge of the Bible]

||| Faith Decisions Dinner for 7th & 8th graders and their parents
Parents are invited with their early-teen children to a full-service dinner. During, each teen in-turn gives a short presentation about what they believe about God and about things they want to be able to do with God's help. [this activity encourages boldness in faith and parent involvement]

||| A scaled-down, day-long version of the "Survivor" series.
Teens would undertake a variety of survival-related tasks at a remote forest/lake or river location. For 3 or 4 planned "tribal council" meetings, the teens participating might cast their vote for who (not themselves) has thus far been most excellent, resourceful, and of a patient-cooperative attitude in the "survival challenge". Prize(s) for the winner(s). [this activity checks for and encourages godly attitudes during times of challenge, hardship or distress]

||| "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?"
Teens would volunteer in advance (with parent's permission) to have another teen come over for dinner at their house... except, they won't know who's coming!! We'll pick someone (from the teen regulars) who's willing to go. It all happens on the same night, with some sharing on another teen-night to follow about what it was like to have (or to be) a surprize guest. [This activity builds courage, service and hospitality]

||| Foot washing
…in the pattern of Jesus, followed by a fellowship meal of simple foods (bread, rice, veggies, tea, and (possibly) a very small portion (1 oz or less) of meat or fish. Each teen would wash & dry the feet of another. (room lighting should be dim or candle-lilt) During the "meal", a short presentation may be made for them about conditions in a place or country where people truly go hungry and know gratitude for much less than a McDonald's hamburger. [This activity lends humility and perspective]

||| Hackie-Sack Baseball.
The foot or hand may be used to hit the Hackie-Sack "out of the park" - if that can be done!! Use a good-sized, soft & brightly colored hackie-sack. The "pitcher" may need to stand a bit closer to home base. No gloves or bat; but everything else would be just like baseball. Following the game, a short presentation-discussion may be done on the opportunity & importance of moving around the "bases" in our own Christian growth.

||| "Concert in the Park"
Broadway-musical style; with modern forms, hip-hop, dance & food. Teens would arrange, choreograph & rehearse their best material well in advance. Biblical-spiritual theme a must! With literature, hot dogs & hamburgers available to the public following the presentation. A small "teen art exhibition" may work alongside this event. [This activity provides an opportunity for the arts in Christian mission, and free space for evangelism & fun]

||| "Blind Date"
We'll go along to observe as the guys pick up the girls for this "group date"... those who have agreed in advance to wear a blind-fold for this night out. Select one guy for each girl in advance. Challenge for the guys is to help their "blind" sister for an evening of 'Dinner and a Movie', with every measure of patience, skill and grace for her… getting her safely into the car, his description of the flowers or gift for her, into the restaraunt without a bump or scratch, into the chair, the menu & ordering, assisting her to be able to eat without seeing the food or drink, on to the movie - with full & faithful description for the movie's scenes from start to end. And, all this must be accomplished while maintaining some good conversation! Safely home afterward, the blindfold may be removed. Should she then wish to reward excellence, a single kiss would be permitted. However, don't count on it!! In this "blind" challenge, most guys (even for adults) will discover their skills to be in need of much work. [This activity invites patience, understanding, godly love, service, communication & leadership skills]

||| "Good News Fashion Show".
Teens would "model" in-person their best (most effective) words, style & mannerisms in talking about Jesus Christ with their peers (and others) over a variety of settings and situations. Select teen "judges" for honorable mention of what they believe to be the best (most effective) presentations. Prize(s) may be awarded following. [This activity encourages preparation in evangelism]